Rock Climbing Skills Course


Reach new heights in your climbing career! Travel down to the sandstone of Southern Illinois with us for 3 days of climbing instruction. No previous climbing experience is required.

About the Event

This course is geared towards climbers who are ready to leave the gym and start climbing outdoors. If you already have some experience climbing outdoors, our advanced topics will challenge you, and you’ll get to climb a lot! Click... See more “View Section” to see the minimum prerequisites and the topics we will be covering. If you have any questions about the course or whether it is a good fit for you, please reach out!

Course will take place in Southern Illinois from Wednesday (8AM) to Friday (8PM). 


Teaching Topics

?     Toolbox skills
?     Introduction to the advanced climber’s technical toolbox
¦     Belay devices, history, technique and decision-making
¦     Anchor construction and assessment
¦     Personal anchor systems and going in direct to an anchor
¦     Cleaning bolted anchors
¦     Rappel systems, backups, extending the rappel
¦     Climbing site management
¦     Gear assessment and maintenance
?     Leading
?     In-depth instruction on climbing single pitch outdoor sport routes
¦     Communication between belayer and climber
¦     Lead belaying technique, strengths and weaknesses of different devices
¦     Lead climbing technique
¦     Execution and dealing with unexpected situations, bailing
?     Extensive practice leading and cleaning routes
?     Advanced skills
?     Introduction to technical skill next-steps for the intermediate climber
¦     Traditional gear and placement
¦     3-4 piece gear anchor building and assessment
¦     Introduction to single pitch bottom-site rescue skills


Event At-A-Glance

Fee:  $150.00

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