Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (FunSAR)

Two weekends February 7-9th and March 6-8th

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The FUNSAR course provides knowledge concerning the general responsibilities, skills, abilities, and the equipment needed by persons who are assigned to field operations during a search and rescue (SAR) mission. The FUNSAR course also provides... See more students with practical exercises and a practice search mission where the students are required to have the proper equipment and stay out in the field during daytime and nighttime operations. The course content includes topics in three major areas: survival and support; search; and rescue. This course is based around wilderness and rural environments but the material is recommended as a basis for all SAR environments.

The FUNSAR is suitable for persons who are interested in becoming involved with SAR operations; SAR personnel who would like to refresh their training; emergency response personnel whose organizations provide resource and assistance during SAR operations; managers of emergency response organizations that are involved in SAR operations; community members and groups (university outdoor recreation, scouts, hunters, hikers, outdoor trip leaders, etc.) that have an interest in outdoor safety and preventative SAR operations; those interested in outdoor work with the government (US Park Service, US Forest Service, state departments of natural resources, etc.).

FUNSAR is an introductory-level course. Therefore, there are NO prerequisites to take this training. However, please be prepared for hiking and searching, on and off-trails, during both day and night on the 2nd weekend within a fairly challenging wilderness area under possibly "bad" weather conditions. This is not a technical rescue course. In other words, there is no vertical training, no rappelling, no technical climbing, nor actual technical rope rescue in this course. However, we do cover an orientation to technical rescue within the classroom and will be teaching the SAR TECH II required knots. This is not a "survival" course, that is, you will NOT be "living off the land". However, you will be constructing an improvised shelter for an overnight stay with your equipment on the mock exercise during the 2nd weekend.

FUNSAR is a two-weekend, 47-hour course. Attendance to both weekends is required to successfully finish the course. There will be both classroom and field activities. There will be a 145-question written exam given on the 2nd weekend just before we head off to the wilderness area for our mock SAR exercise. To successfully complete the FUNSAR course, you must attend the classroom, attend all outdoor training sessions, attend the mock exercise, and pass the written exam (the SAR TECH II written exam) with a minimum of 70%. If you do not pass the written exam, or miss the outdoor sessions or the mock, you will have 12 calendar months to either re-test or finish unfinished parts at another FUNSAR course to avoid having to retake the entire program for the FUNSAR certificate.

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