Canada Canoe Adventure (Ontario)

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Take a journey back in time and experience a week in the life of a voyageur. This 11-day canoe adventure follows the same pathways through Quetico Provincial Park that the fur traders traveled hundreds of years ago.

It's more than just a trip. It is a historical, cultural, and adventurous experience of a lifetime!

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About the Event

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What to Expect

For more than a decade, IU Outdoor Adventures and the Voyageur Wilderness Programme (VWP) have partnered in offering this Canadian wilderness adventure.

The Savoie family of the VWP are decendents of the Indigenous Peoples and the Voyageurs who traveled long before us. As such, they provide a truly authentic environment to learn about the history and culture of Quetico Provincial Park and a home away from home while we're visiting.

Your week in the park is carefully crafted to include a balance of paddling and portages that is sure to foster a better connection to yourself, your group, and the natural world around you.

“To travel by canoe is to ponder where we came from, where we are, where we’re going, who we were, who we are and who we can be. It’s connection to the waters, the rocks, the forests, the skies, all the creatures of the Earth, and the people.” – Michelle Savoie, Voyageur Wilderness Programme

Join us this July and become part of the tradition. 

Challenge Description: 

Despite the fact that many IU Outdoor Adventures trips are designed for beginners, there are still inherent risks associated with the challenges of certain outdoor activities. We want to provide you with an unbiased perspective of what those challenges are so you may make an educated decision regarding your participation.

The canoe expedition requires no prior experiences, but is considered physically strenuous for most people. Approx. 10 miles of paddling/portaging per day. Participants must be able to carry 60-80 lbs on rugged terrain (approx. 500m) and swim comfortably in deep water (approx. 100m). Sleeping will be in shared tents. Backcountry waste management (i.e. no bathrooms).

Mental challenges vary by individual. Participants should be prepared for group interaction with limited time alone. The group will spend many days in backcountry areas that will require the group cohesion and teamwork.

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Web References

Our friends up north...
A reflection written by a past participant and member of the voyageur family.
A MUST SEE film by Goh Iromoto featuring the Savoie family and the Voyageur Wilderness Programme.

Participant Reviews

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  • I have never experienced nature in such a raw form like I did on the Canada Canoe Expedition. The water needs no purification, the fishing is fantastic (great tasting too), and the land is pristine. I highly recommend this trip!
  • Unbelievable. Inspiring. Powerful. These words describe the natural sights that you'll enjoy on this trip; they also embody the relationships you'll create with your fellow participants, the self-discovery you will experience, and the challenges you will face. I've been on this trip for the last two years, and hope to be on it again. I was originally hesitant to take a week-long wilderness trip with people I had never met, but there is nothing I can say I regret about taking the dive. I developed a completely new perspective on life after the first time; IUOA has created an amazing experience that is completely worth pursuing in every way.
  • This trip was hard. It pushed me to my limits. The whole thing is made up of extreme highs and pretty awful lows and I would not give it up for the world. I don't want to say it changed my life, but it was pretty close. Even if it for a little while, you feel a part of something bigger, more important, something that would change the world. The park is gorgeous! You can drink the water straight out of the lake! Besides! You might see a MOOSE!
  • One of the best trips I have ever done. I loved spending the week with IUOA in the Canadian wilderness. The depth of history in the park, purity of the natural beauty, and profound sense of tranquility I experienced are second to none. 10 out of 10.
  • Amazing trip that OA puts on! Program that we go through is absolutely unforgettable and I will choose to continue to go back as long as I am able!