Spring Break: Arkansas

Planned Itinerary

Day 1 - Drive to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch (HSCR) - Meet at IUOA no later than 8:00AM.
Day 2 - Climb 1
Day 3 - Climb 2
Day 4 - Day Hike*
Day 5 - Climb 3
Day 6 - Climb 4
Day 7 - Drive back to IUOA - Arrive around 8:00 PM

*Although we have a hike day planned, it may be moved due to weather conditions and/or group preference/abilities.

All participants are expected to read and agree to the terms listed under the "Support" menu before registering for this event.

All participants are expected to attend the pre-trip planning meeting on March 4th. Failure to adequately prepare for your trip may result in your removal without refund.

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Section At-A-Glance

Date(s): 3/15/2020 - 3/21/2020
Registration Deadline: 2/28/2020 12:00:00 PM
Fee: $545.00
Event Type: Rock Climbing
Seats Available: 0 of 12

Meeting Times and Locations

  • IU Outdoor Adventures
    IU Outdoor Adventures features a rental/retail shop, bouldering room, boat room, classroom and administrative offices.
    1900 E 10th St
    Bloomington, IN 47408

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Primary Location - The Ozark Mountains

IU Outdoor Adventures wishes to acknowledge and honor the indigenous communities native to this region. We recognize the Osage, Caddo, and Sioux people as past, present, and future caretakers of this land.

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Jasper, AR

The Ozarks Mountains are actually comprised of three separate and distinct plateaus: the Boston, Springfield and Salem Plateaus. Hardwood forests dot the range, comprised of sandstone and shale in some spots and chert and limestone in others. The Ozark National Forest and Buffalo National River provide plenty of wild country to explore and an ample amount of outdoor activity including hiking, caving, mountain biking, paddling and rock climbing. Come enjoy the scenery, history, and culture that is the Ozark Mountains.
Locations may change per Meeting

Trip Leader

Email: jkarnati@iu.edu

Event Coordinator

Email: tkivland@indiana.edu

Trip Leader

Email: jorusyni@iu.edu