Can I use my bursar to make a payment?

YES! If you are a student CURRENTLY enrolled in classes, then the bursar should be listed as a payment option when you are registering. If this is not the case, check and make sure that your listed email is your official IU email (ie. "" or ""). You can list another account (e.g. @gmail) as your alternate email but your official IU email is needed to link to your bursar account.

This will essentially initiate a bill/tab that will then need to be paid through the bursars office once processed.

.   What if I have an injury, illness, a death in the family, or something similar that keeps me from participating on the trip? Can I get a refund?


If you have an injury/illness that may prevent you from fully participating on your trip, you should notify the event coordinator as soon as possible. We understand that life happens but the longer you wait to inform us of your situation, the harder it is for us to issue you any kind of exception to our typical cancellation policies and timelines. Please also keep in mind that some injuries/illnesses may disqualify you from part of the trip but not ALL of the trip. Again, the event coordinator may be able to plan around your situation and still include you in many parts of the trip if you notify them right away. 

Please be fully prepared to provide a doctor's note with details of your injury. 

Family Grievance

First off, if you have a death in the family, we're sorry for your loss and understand the stress that your situation causes. That being said, we are open to working with you but please understand that others have unfortunately abused this reasoning in the past and we operate according to a "trust but verify" process. Again, the sooner we know of your situation, the more likely we are to find a remedy that works for both sides. Although a refund may be difficult if this is a last minute situation, other options may exist. 


IUOA is NOT obligated to issue you a refund of any kind due to injury, illness, death, or other reasoning. However, we reserve the right to be sympathetic. 

Trip Logistics

.   What's included in the cost of the trip?
TYPICALLY, our prices include just about everything (food, transportation, permits, group gear, etc.) except for food during travel and personal gear. If, and when, that is not the case, it will be stated as such. For trip specific questions about cost, please contact the trip coordinator listed on the event page. 
.   How much money should I bring on my trip?
The main thing you will typically need to account for is food during travel. This typically means about $8-$10/meal while traveling to and from your destination. Other than that, you would need to account for any souvenirs you might want to purchase and maybe a bit of emergency/flex money.