• Art Heals: Art Materials from an Art Therapist’s Perspective
    - 03/19/2019

  • Unforgettable: 100 Years of Nat King Cole
    - 03/20/2019

  • Fred Astaire’s Perfect Multiplicities
    - 04/01/2019

  • Swords in Stones and Helen Mirren’s Armor: John Boorman’s Excalibur
    - 04/22/2019

  • Bryan House Renewed: History, Art, and Antiques – Encore!
    - 04/26/2019

Featured Course

On their 80th anniversary, we’ll look back at the films of 1939, a year now recognized as Hollywood’s greatest.  We’ll watch and analyze clips from many classics that premiered then.  We’ll consider what makes these films terrific, why the time was right for them, and why they don’t make ‘em like that anymore.