Day Trips


  • Identifying Birds by Sight and Sounds
    - 04/14/2020

  • Saving Species: An Inside Look at the Future of Zoos and Wildlife Conservation
    - 05/11/2020

  • Limestone, Quarries, and Sinkholes: Why the Geology of Monroe County Is Important – Encore!
    - 05/28/2020

Featured Course

Join Beth Cate and Robert Shumaker, president and CEO of the Indianapolis Zoo, for an in-depth discussion of the role that zoos play in global wildlife conservation, and an examination of the major conservation initiatives by the Indianapolis Zoo.  

Participants will travel to the Indianapolis Zoo to learn all about the majestic African elephants. We will leave the Zoo at 1 p.m. stopping at Gray Brothers Cafeteria along the way for lunch on your own.