History and the Humanities


  • Vampires in Folklore and Culture: Social Aspects of the Monstrous
    - 10/14/2019

  • Witchcraft and Christianity: How the 16th-Century Witchcraft Craze Developed
    - 10/22/2019

  • Hoosier Nation: Indiana in American History
    - 10/23/2019

  • The History and Politics of Climate Change
    - 09/25/2019

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This course will be a study of the social upheaval that led to the many witchcraft trials in Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. These trials eventually crossed the Atlantic Ocean, leading to the Salem witchcraft trials in the United States. We will look at environmental, religious, and social factors to see the factors that influenced one of the great atrocities of early modern Europe—the death of some 40,000 Europeans, mostly women, accused of being witches.