Victorian Ghosts

Come and discover the explosion of ghost stories that emerged in Britain in the mid- to late-nineteenth century. Indeed, tales of spirits and apparitions became so prevalent at this moment in history that many of us associate ghost stories with Victorian Britain to this day. These weird and ghastly tales are a wonderful gateway not only into the world of Victorian literature and entertainment, but also into the period’s relationship to (among other things) global empire/colonialism, technology, capitalism, class mobility, and community.

Section At-A-Glance

Date(s): 4/16/2019 - 5/7/2019
Registration Deadline: 4/17/2019 12:00:00 AM
Fee: $80.00
Estimated Effort: 1.50 Hours/Week
Course Type: In-Person

Meeting Times and Locations

Primary Location - Student Building, Room 231

701 E Kirkwood Ave

Bloomington, IN 47405

Locations may change per Meeting


Books for Section

  • Title: A Christmas Carol and other Christmas Stories
    Author: Charles Dickens
    ISBN: 10: 0140439056
  • Title: The Turn of the Screw and Other Stories
    Author: Henry James
    ISBN: 10: 9780199536177