.   How can I register for courses?

From the home page, select Login/Sign up (on the upper right corner of the navigation bar). If you have already created a student profile, select the green button on the right. If you have not created a profile in INlighten, you must do so before you can register. Select the blue button on the left to create a profile. 

Creating a profile: Please enter your name and email address (Note: Email must be an IUPUI, Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft account). You will be sent a link to the Authentication page. Note, it could take several minutes to receive this link. Once you are on the Authenication page, please select the appropriate icon and  log in using the email connected to that icon. You will now be able to complete the student profile and register for your event, course or workshop. 

.   I had taken a previous class and had a profile with your unit in the old system. Do I need to create a new student profile? 

Yes, to access future courses, you will need to create a student profile with a valid email address. 

.   What accounts can be used to create a profile? 

The Central Authentication Service is for current IUPUI students and employees. You can use your CAS username and passphrase.

Third party accounts include Facebook, Gmail, Microsoft Office and Yahoo. If you are not an IUPUI student or employee, you may sign up using any of these options. IUPUI students and employees may also choose one of these options if you do not wish to register with your IUPUI CAS username and passphrase.

Please let us know if you have trouble creating a profile or logging in to your account. 



Can IU Employees receive discounts for Continuing Education programs?

All IU Employees can receive up to 20% discount for all Continuing Education Programs except for Brewery Operations. IU Employees may receive only a 10% discount for Brewery Operations. For more information on employee discounts, please contact the front desk line at 317-274-4068. 

Customized Training

.   How much does customized training cost? 
The customized training program has many options, and each contract is developed to your organization's specific needs. The price will depend on many factors including number of students and length of the program. However, it is free to meet with one of our staff to talk more about customizing a program for you. Contact Teresa Bennett at for more information. 

Pharmacy Technician

.   What are the Fees and other requirements for taking your Pharmacy Technician Course?

The fee for the course is $845.00; the textbooks are approximately $165 to $170 and students purchase those from Indy's College Bookstore or Online.

Requirements are: High School graduate or GED; 18 years of age or older; no felony convictions particularly in the drug related area.

.   How long are the classes?
All courses meet two evenings a week usually from 6:00pm to 8:30pm for eight weeks. Classes usually meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings however it can vary depending from course to course.
.   What do I get when I finish the course?
Once someone passes the course students will receive a Certificate of Completion from IUPUI, instructions on how to apply for a Pharmacy Technician License through the State of Indiana, an affidavit stating that the student has passed the training course. There will be an application for the license that should be filled out and mailed with the affidavit to the Board of Pharmacy along with a $25.00 fee which should be mailed to the State Licensing Agency. You do not have to take an exam after passing this course to receive your State License.
.   Am I Certified Pharmacy Technician after passing this course?
No, you will be a Licensed Pharmacy Technician in the State of Indiana. If you want to get the National Certification you can contact the Pharmacy Technician Board ( and register through that organization to to take the national exam. There is a practice exam you can take through the PTCB to prepare you for the national exam. Once you have passed the national exam you are eligible to use the CPht credentials after your name. Remember this course only prepares you to be a licensed pharmacy technician in the sate of Indiana. If you want to work outside of Indiana you will need to take an pass the national exam. 
.   Do you offer job placement?
When companies, hospitals, or organizations contact us about hiring potential Pharmacy Technician jobs for people who have completed and passed our program, we will do our best to share them with you. Make sure to check out career websites such as or to look for appropriate pharmacy tech positions.
.   Do you have financial aid for this class?

IUPUI Office of Community Engagement does not offer any financial aid for any of its class. If you qualify you can receive tuition assistance from Work One of Indiana or Employ Up

We also offer a budget plan for interested students, please see the How to Register section of our website.

.   How do I get more information on the Indiana Pharmacy Technician Licensure?

The website for the Indiana State Professional Licensing Agency

It lists all of the required information.

Payment Plans

.   Are Payment Plans available to students for Continuing Education Programs?
Yes, payment plans are available to continuing education students in programs offered by the Office of Community Engagement for courses with registration fees of $500 or more (not including books or supplies costs). There is a $30 non-refundable processing fee charged on the first payment if you elect to enroll in a payment plan. 

Once you are approved for the payment plan, you will be enrolled into the course and have the option of paying for the course with up to 4 payments (to be made on a weekly or monthly basis). The full cost of the course must be paid before the class is between 50-75% completed.  Exact dates will be determined based on the length of the course and number of sessions.  Please consult with an OCE staff member to set up the plan and confirm deadlines.

NOTE:  For Essential of Brewery Operations students, final payments must be made on or before the 5th class in the course series. 

Students are held responsible for the full amount due for the class once they have enrolled in the payment plan and submitted their first payment. Any questions about registering and enrolling in a payment plan may be directed to our staff at or 317-274-4068.

To Enroll in Payment Plans:

1. Make sure you have created a student profile. To create a student profile, go here: 

2. Call or email our staff at or 317-274-4068 and let us know the course you would like to register for as "Pay Later."

3. Staff will work with you to create a payment plan that best fits your needs.

4. Your first payment will be due before the first day of class. Your last payment will be due by the 75% point of the course duration, or as arranged with an OCE staff member.

NOTE:  IUPUI staff may NOT personally accept credit cards or checks for registrations.  All payments must be made through the Inlighten registration system or by contacting the Office of Conference and Event Registration Services (OCERS).  For more information about payment methods you may contact Ginger Scott at or 812-855-6922.